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Escape Redgrove Manor

By selfdefiant
You and your friends went to check out the creepy old Redgrove Manor. On...
Rating: 4.00 (Fri 19th Nov, 2010)

SSSG - Beach Escape

By selfdefiant
Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Beach Escape is a new Point and click adventure g...
Rating: 4.00 (Sat 22nd May, 2010)

Mystic Asylum

By selfdefiant
Mystic Asylum. You have been chosen to rid this place of negative energy...
Rating: 3.88 (Thu 9th Dec, 2010)

SSSG - Disney Crystal Hunter

By selfdefiant
find the crystals, all 100!
Rating: 3.86 (Thu 18th Sep, 2008)


Asylum 3

By selfdefiant
The old asylum was shut down because a doctor had been suspected of horr...
Rating: 3.44 (Tue 23rd Nov, 2010)

Abandoned 3

By selfdefiant
Abandoned 3 is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz....
Rating: 3.44 (Tue 14th Sep, 2010)

SSSG - Escape Paradise

By selfdefiant
Help sneaky escape the paradise island by helping him find the keys to t...
Rating: 3.38 (Tue 26th Oct, 2010)

Asylum II

By selfdefiant
Some days don't go so well, this is one of those days. You are walking h...
Rating: 3.30 (Thu 5th Aug, 2010)



By selfdefiant
Aloneliness will take you deep inside the dark dreary halls of the aband...
Rating: 3.25 (Wed 6th Apr, 2011)

Backyard Rocket Hero

By selfdefiant
Build Rockets from many different inter-changeable parts. Fly your rocke...
Rating: 3.25 (Tue 6th Apr, 2010)


By selfdefiant
Your mission is to track down Secret agent Blair. He is staying at the S...
Rating: 3.00 (Thu 6th Jan, 2011)

Sneaky's Escape

By selfdefiant
Sneaky is in trouble again! He is stuck on an island and he needs your h...
Rating: 3.00 (Wed 19th Jan, 2011)


SSSG-Winter Wonderland

By selfdefiant
Help Sneaky find all of the crystals as fast as you can, the crystals ar...
Rating: 3.00 (Sun 7th Dec, 2008)

Sneaky Differences

By selfdefiant
Your mission is to use your sneaky skills to find the 10 differences in...
Rating: 3.00 (Sat 21st Aug, 2010)

SSSG - Penguins

By selfdefiant
Find all of the crystals that have been lost!
Rating: 3.00 (Tue 9th Mar, 2010)

SSSG - Lost Relic

By selfdefiant
Help Sneaky find the lost relic by using your Super Sneaky Skills to fin...
Rating: 2.88 (Thu 4th Nov, 2010)


SSSG - Echoes of the past

By selfdefiant
Point and Click adventure, mystery game.
Rating: 2.86 (Wed 16th Dec, 2009)


By selfdefiant
The Sneaky family treasure is hidden in the catacomb, find it as fast as...
Rating: 2.86 (Fri 27th Feb, 2009)

SSSG - Escape 2.0

By selfdefiant
Sneaky is in trouble! This time he is stuck at a beach house and he can'...
Rating: 2.86 (Sat 21st Aug, 2010)

SSSG - Sneaky Castle

By selfdefiant
Point and click adventure game, find the mysterious items.
Rating: 2.86 (Sun 9th Nov, 2008)


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